Our journey began in 2020

After several years of life that we now call normal, it was in the middle of a lockdown, when we no longer had to dress up in plains to go to work. Pyjamas were the dress of choice. Convenience trumped social norms. Fashion trumped formality.

Hope is the seed to courage

Some of us were made redundant.This is a story shared by many. The one thing I brought back with me to London from Amsterdam was the colour orange! It is the colour of spirituality for some, it is symbolic of strength and endurance for others. This lockdown.

We’re just getting started

I was born in Latin America, and adulted in Spain and London. I have a love affair with colour. It is my mission to bring colour to the feet of people who are imprisoned in plain boring socks. Oh and most of the socks are universal. Socks are the one thing that make us all equal! Yay, so the first pair is on us!